EV News Scoop: Nissan Builds Electric-Powered Ice Cream Truck

can be reached at nkurczewski@yahoo.com
can be reached at nkurczewski@yahoo.com
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Nissan is serving up an electric-powered ice cream truck just in time for summer. While we can’t vouch for how much this green machine will affect your summer body plans, Nissan assures us this EV ice cream truck is a healthier choice for the environment.

Burning off those extra ice cream calories still remains up to you, however.

  • Nissan has designed a zero-emission ice cream truck for the UK
  • Driving range is 124 miles and the refrigeration equipment runs on battery packs taken from older Nissan electric cars
  • This is meant as a “Sky to Scoop” approach to cleaner cars, and provides a more guilt-free ice cream experience

Based on the e-NV200 utility truck, Nissan’s white-and-blue painted ice cream mobile has a total driving range of 124 miles per charge. Unlike many traditional ice cream trucks, which sit idling for hours with their clattering diesel engines spewing out exhaust, Nissan says its approach creates a much cleaner and quieter experience.

2019 06 13 Nissan Electric Ice Cream Van Story - Photo 18-source
Nissan’s ice cream truck has a range of 124 miles per charge and is based on the automaker’s e-NV200 utility van. Photo: Nissan UK

It’s also a solution for some towns throughout the UK that either ban, or significantly fine, these type of idling diesel-powered vehicles – including older ice cream vans. On the other hand, we can’t help but think that slinging summertime traffic tickets at ice cream trucks sounds like a pretty Grinch-like maneuver, even if the clean-air-objective is admirable.

Perhaps the coolest feature of this zero-emission ice cream truck is that it uses lithium-ion battery packs that have been taken from older Nissan EVs. Rather than draining the power of the 40-kWh battery pack that powers the truck itself, Nissan has installed what it calls the Energy Roam portable power pack.

This is a commercially available unit that’s intended to provide onboard power to similar EV utility vehicles, without squandering any of the truck’s driving range. Nissan says that recharging the 1.4-kWh Roam energy pack takes about 1 hour, when using a 230-volt outlet. There is also a solar panel array on the roof of the truck, which is capable of recharging the pack in approximately 2-4 hours (depending on weather conditions and angle of the sun).

Designed in collaboration with Mackie’s of Scotland, the truck is a natural pairing to the ice cream manufacturer’s commitment to renewable energy. “We’re delighted to have worked with Nissan on this project as it’s the perfect complement to our own vision of becoming self-sustainable in renewable energy – and eliminating carbon in the journey from ‘Sky to Scoop’,” said Karin Hayhow, marketing director at Mackie’s of Scotland.

2019 06 13 Nissan Electric Ice Cream Van Story - Photo 30-source
Depending on the weather, the solar panels recharge the onboard batteries in 2-4 hours. Photo: Nissan UK

Okay, if the “Sky to Scoop” comment didn’t get your eyes rolling, this final tidbit in the press release might do the trick. While not having noxious diesel fumes on your soft-serve cone sounds lovely, we draw the line when it comes to attacking the jingle of an ice cream truck’s song.

Yes, we know it’s annoying – but that’s kind of the point, right? Instead of playing a repetitive ditty that drills its way into your brain for the rest of a summer’s afternoon, the Nissan EV ice cream truck sends out a tweet, letting people know it’s exact location.

Alright Nissan, we’re fine with you taking the exhaust out of our ice cream trucks. But hands off when it comes to ice cream truck jingles, okay?

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