Human Horizons Chinese EV Startup to Launch High Tech Electric SUV

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There have been several new electric vehicle startups popping up, companies like Rivian Motors and Lucid Motors.  None of these start-ups, however, are as ambitious as Human Horizons, which aims to launch their new HiPhi 1 electric SUV, with next-level technological and mobility features.

  • The HiPhi 1 will offer a 400 mile range
  • Feature facial recognition so you can unlock your car
  • Use a special vehicle to anything communications network (V2X) so you can avoid traffic amongst many other things

The HiPhi 1 has a sports car-inspired design, with a low roofline and a very angular body. However, it also keeps practicality in mind with doors hinged at the rear (suicide doors) and engineered in a gullwing style, allowing for very easy access to all rows. 

HiPhi 1. Image (c) Human Horizons

Human Horizons says they will launch the HiPhi 1 with over five hundred sensors, which will allow the vehicle to be upgradeable to adapt to the next level of autonomy as it becomes available.  When released, the HiPhi 1 will be the first production car with a 5G-V2X enabled communication network, enabling massive amounts of data to be transmitted and potentially enabling cars to one day ‘talk’ with each other and other V2X enabled devices like smart scooters and stop lights.

Once the industry is able to fully utilize the V2X network, the HiPhi 1 would be capable of many smart functions powered by AI.  It would, for example, be able to rendezvous with aircraft or mass transit systems to minimize time spent waiting around, and analyze traffic reports by the second and route accordingly, and perhaps even ensure to only hit green lights on the way to your destination. 

If using AI to ensure you don’t get stopped at red lights isn’t enough, this technology will be able to unlock your vehicle via facial recognition.  Just think: no more keys if you wish!

HiPhi 1 interior. Image (c) Human Horizons

However, it is probably best not to get too excited just yet, the HiPhi 1 isn’t even slated for production until sometime in 2021 for China buyers, with no mention of any plans to send the HiPhi 1 to other markets. 

Why This Matters

This new Chinese EV startup is focusing on putting technology first using state-of-the-art AI and incorporating next-level vehicle communication software. This is something not many US manufacturers are talking about even now.  If they don’t want to get left in the dust, established auto-makers will need to start taking technology and EV’s more seriously.

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