Karma Automotive Unveils SC1 Vision Concept

can be reached at kyle.edward1@gmail.com
can be reached at kyle.edward1@gmail.com
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When Fisker Automotive went out of business in 2014, its innovative Karma design and facilities were acquired by the Wanxiang Group based in China, which reconstituted them into Karma Automotive as we know them today.

The only car Karma currently sells is the Revero, the design of which dates back to the previous company’s days. As they blaze a comeback trail, Karma will debut not one but three new cars at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show.

The Karma SC1 Vision Concept is one of those three cars and it’s sure to turn heads with its dramatic looking roadster design. Karma says the concept not only previews the future design language of the company, but also hints at “soon-to-come” customization options for its future product line.

There’s no denying this is the most striking vehicle we’ve seen from the automaker. It features a sleek profile and a seamless flow from the exterior to the interior. As Andreas Thurner, Director of Exterior Design said, “the Karma SC1 Vision Concept should be one of the most exciting, unique and unexpected automotive concepts to position the company with its unique definition of luxury and style. Proportions are extreme yet possible, the aviation-inspired concept appears almost non-automotive, yet it is built on a road-going BEV powertrain. SC1 hints to our future design direction and strategy. It is a positive outlook for the future and it makes our hearts beat faster when we think and talk about it.”Jacques Flynn, who is the concept design manager, said he found his inspiration for the SC1 Vision Concept by researching California’s venerable aerospace & aviation industry and stumbled upon a forward-thinking design: the 1935 H-1 Racer, built in neighboring Burbank by billionaire inventor Howard Hughes. The prototype aircraft was the world’s fastest in its time, reaching a top speed of 352 mph.

It’s exciting to see another California-based automotive manufacturer embark on a new journey to success with electrified cars. They have deep-pocket backing from Chinese investors and the right talent to make this a successful venture. We’re all looking forward to seeing what comes next from Karma Automotive.


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can be reached at kyle.edward1@gmail.com
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