Karma Sets Up New Customer Experience Showroom in California

can be reached at meehna@gmail.com
can be reached at meehna@gmail.com
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Karma isn’t exactly a new name on the automotive scene, but it did present three new cars at the Shanghai Auto Show this year. It looks like the company is ready to accelerate to full retail speed.

  • Karma to build Customer Experience Center at its relaunched Innovation and Customization Center (KICC)

  • Owners can meet the people who built their car

  • Luxury accommodations and a three-day experience for new and recent owners

The Karma started out as an electric car model built by Henrik Fisker and his eponymous company in 2012. Reliability and financial woes saw the sale and revival of the luxury car under a different brand.

The buyers kept the name Karma, for consumer recognition, I suppose, and renamed the refreshed car Revero. The two new models to be released under the Karma banner are the SC1 Vision and the Karma Revero GT, designed by Pininfarina.

Karma SC1 Vision

To demonstrate Karma means business and is here to stay, the Southern California based company has already invested $100 million in its relaunched Karma Innovation and Customization Center (KICC) in Moreno Valley. Here it will build the new 2020 Revero GT.

Enhancing the KICC, Karma plans to add on a new Customer Experience Center intended to create a personal connection between owners and the brand. In fact, Karma will provide the opportunity to meet the team behind the car’s creation when you visit.

The Customer Experience Center sounds like a destination trip with its indoor lounge and test-track, where Revero GT owners will be able to push the limits of their new ride without traffic or fear of a copper pulling them over.

Karma expects to host new owners later this year with the release of the 2020 Revero GT. If you bought your Revero within the last year, Karma invites you to participate as well in a three-day curated program as a thank you for supporting the brand. Those visiting the location will get swank accommodations at one of Orange County’s luxury hotels and tour the facilities.

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can be reached at meehna@gmail.com
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