Range Anxiety Could Be Solved By Portable EV Chargers

can be reached at nkurczewski@yahoo.com
can be reached at nkurczewski@yahoo.com
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SparkCharge is a tech start-up that wants to make recharging your electric car an on-demand service, or simply a handy back-up to everyday driving.  The company’s portable EV chargers could be particularly useful when you’re on the go, and don’t have time to find a built-in charging station.

  • SparkCharge knows that finding a charging station remains a serious issue.
  • Even if you do find a place to charge, another EV might already be there.
  • Given the longer times EVs need to recharge, many car owners can’t afford to sit and weight until a spot frees up.
  • SparkCharge wants to minimize range anxiety and make recharging easier and portable. 

Finding the available space and time needed to recharge an electric car remains one of the biggest obstacles to EV ownership. Even if you do manage to find a dedicated charge point, there could be other cars taking up the outlets. With this in mind, SparkCharge is a start-up that wants to make charging a more practical and far more portable experience.

The company has introduced a modular fast-charging system that can fit in the trunk of your car. At a rate of approximately 1 mile of range for every minute of charge, the system is there should you need a jolt of power to get to your destination, but don’t have access to a fixed charging point.

SparkCharge Portable, Ultrafast, Modular Electric Vehicle Charging Unit
SparkCharge portable chargers can be stacked to increase power and capacity. Photo (c) SparkCharge

The units work a bit like giant building blocks, adding more packs to the unit increases power and total capacity – though it also adds extra size and weight. When assembled, the SparkCharge unit tips the scales at more than 40 pounds. While that’s less than uprooting an entire fixed charging station, that remains a pretty hefty lift.

In a news story published by GreenCarReports, Joshua Aviv, the founder and CEO of SparkCharge, said the company “is bridging the gap between electric vehicle owners and charging stations.” Since a lack of EV charging infrastructure can dissuade many car shoppers from considering an electric in the first place, SparkCharge seeks to increase consumer acceptance by allowing you to have charging capability no matter where you go.

SparkCharge ready for action. Photo (c) SparkCharge

The device could also be used by third-party companies to deliver extra EV range on the fly. Imagine stopping for an impromptu meeting and realizing your battery is getting low on charge. If you’re pressed for time and can’t afford to search for a charging station, you could simply park your car anywhere, then hail an EV charging service to give you added range while you’re occupied.

Meeting adjourned, you head back to your car and have the needed miles to get to your next destination.


SparkCharge is like carrying a spare tire for your EV’s battery pack. Having available range when you need it could help alleviate stress and worry that comes from needing to find an available and unoccupied fixed charging station.

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can be reached at nkurczewski@yahoo.com
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