Top 5 Coolest Electric Vehicles At The NY Auto Show

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The New York International Auto Show ran through Sunday, April 28 in Manhattan’s Javits Center featuring 40 battery powered vehicles. They range from giant SUVs weighing nearly three tons down to Toyota’s tiny i-Road three-wheeler. Ride took a look at some of the show’s coolest hybrids and EVs.

Genesis Mint

Genesis Mint
Photo: Genesis


Hyundai Motor Group’s upscale Genesis brand showed off its Mint concept car. This small, but seriously chic city car seats two adults in its tan leather interior and has unique cargo space to handle your shopping trips. The Mint has a funky rectangular steering wheel, and, while the driver and passenger doors are conventional, access to the rear storage area is through butterfly doors that open from the rear. The Korean company has not announced production plans, but stated the concept has a 200-mile range and 350-kilowatt fast charging capability.

Kia HabaNiro

Kia HabaNiro
Photo: Kia


Kia brought the fully-electric concept called HabaNiro. This compact crossover is positioned as a spicy take on Kia’s Niro (habanero+Niro… get it?). It features all-wheel drive, seating for four, and tricked out butterfly-wing doors opening out from the center. Of course, concept cars have featured tricked-out doors for decades, what sets the HabaNiro apart is its level-five autonomous mode which would – if produced – allow it to drive itself in any condition that a human driver could handle. The Kia’s other tricks include a biometric ignition switch and a windshield with an augmented reality display. Though only a concept, the company describes the HabaNiro as “giving us a glimpse of Kia’s future.”

Mercedes-Benz EQC

Mercedes-Benz EQC
Photo: Mercedes-Benz


Now, let’s check out something you’ll actually be able to buy (if you have the money). The EQC is the first of what Mercedes promises will be a 10-vehicle all-electric lineup by 2022. An 80 kWh lithium-ion battery pack will enable front- and rear-mounted electric motors to send 402 horsepower and 564 lb-ft of torque to the ground. Mercedes says the midsize crossover will accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds. It has not published price or range figures, but Ride expects it to start around $70,000 and reach at least 250 miles on a full charge. The EQC goes on sale early next year.

Rivian R1T and R1S

Rivian R1S and R1T
Photo: Rivian


Rivian is on a roll. The 10-year-old company is renovating a former Mitsubishi plant in Illinois and received a $700 million round of funding led by Amazon earlier in the year. Plus, just this week, a $500 million investment came in from Ford. Both the R1T pickup and R1S SUV were on display in New York. Each features four motors that put out a combined 750 horsepower and enable 0-60 mph in only 3 seconds, the company claims. Different battery options will be offered, with maximum range expected to exceed 400 miles. The seven-passenger SUV can tow more than 7,700 pounds. The pickup will hold five passengers and tow up to 11,023 pounds (an even 5000 kilograms). Both vehicles feature front trunks, and environmentally minded buyers will appreciate their sustainably sourced wood interior trim and vegan-leather interior. The R1T and R1S are expected to come to market in 2020.

Volkswagen ID. Buggy

Volkswagen ID. Buggy
Photo: Volkswagen


One of the coolest cars in the New York show is Volkswagen’s ID. Buggy concept. Though styled after the dune buggies from the 1960s and 1970s, the ID. is a fully electric car. Its motor sends 201 horsepower to its rear wheels through a single-speed gearbox. The door-less two-seat concept is not currently production-ready, but the vehicle’s powerplant – Volkswagen’s modular electric drive matrix (MEB) – underpins vehicles that are destined to reach consumers. This includes the I.D. CROZZ, a compact crossover due in 2020, and the brand’s long-awaited update on its legendary Microbus, the I.D. BUZZ, due in 2022.

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