Volvo’s 7.4% Sales Growth In April Lead By SUV Sales

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In the past five years, Volvo’s global sales have continued to grow at a steady pace, with sales of their efficient SUVs leading the way. In April, sales were up an impressive 7.4% compared with the same period last year.

  • Volvo’s sales in the January to April period have seen growth of 8.9% last year with a total sales volume of 217,855 vehicles.
  • The continued success of the Swedish brand is led by its range of SUVs with the XC60 being the most successful globally.
  • A strong 16.8% growth in China was reported for April, led not only by the XC60 SUV, but the S90 satisfying China’s demand for large sedans.
  • The United States continues to express its preference for larger SUVs, with the XC90 showing strong sales numbers.

Total sales during the month of April reached 56,535 units, with China, US, and Europe reporting growth in volumes. Sales in the January-April period stood at 217,855 cars, up 8.9% compared with the same period last year.

The continued growth in sales has been fueled by strong demand for their SUV range led by the XC60 followed by the XC40 and XC90. All of their SUVs offer a hybrid-powertrain which has piqued consumer interest. However, not all of them are currently available in the USA.

Volvo’s latest models, the V60 estate and the US-built S60 sedan, also contributed to an increase in sales across the globe.

It’s great news for Volvo in China as they have reported a strong sales growth of 16.8% in April compared with the same period last year. Total sales in the region reached 12,192 cars during the month. The growth was on the back of high demand for the locally assembled XC60 and S90 models.

As China starts to tighten emissions regulations, the available hybrid powertrain on the XC60 is well poised to lead vehicles sales in that region for Volvo.

European sales in April grew 6.1% to 27,963 cars, as a result of demand for the XC40, followed by the XC60 and the new V60 estate.

As we can see from the numbers, it’s not just the United States which is infatuated with the SUV. As the XC40 (Volvo’s small SUV) was recently the top-selling vehicle for Volvo in Europe.

Here in the United States, sales reached 8,367 cars for the month of April, up 0.4% compared with the same period last year. Interestingly enough, the XC90, Volvo’s largest SUV, was the best selling vehicle in the region followed by the XC60, their midsized SUV. Americans just love large sport utility vehicles; with its efficient plug-in hybrid powertrain offerings, Volvo is already one step ahead of the competition towards capturing this market as it increases adoption of more energy efficient options.

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