Audi Goes Micromobility with an Eccentric Scooter That Can Carve Up the Pavement

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As seen from the name, Audi puts its new creation in the scooter category. Called the Audi e-tron Scooter, it certainly won’t be mistaken for a Lime or Bird. The company describes it as a skateboard crossed with an electric scooter.

  • Electric scooters are a popular choice to move around town without contributing CO2 emissions from the ride.
  • For its entry into the space, Audi came up with a scooter that handles and steers like a skateboard.
  • Although the e-tron Scooter won’t appeal to everyone, it will gain fans for its unique and sporty handling. 

Designed for portability, the 26-pound e-tron Scooter folds up to about the size of a backpack for easy transport in the trunk or on public transportation. Since carrying that weight any distance will be challenging for most, it can be pulled on wheels.

Here’s where the e-tron Scooter takes a funky turn from traditional electric scooters. Instead of steering via two handlebars, it only has one, where riders control acceleration and braking with a twist grip. By shifting the weight in their feet, riders can steer — just like with a skateboard.

audi e-scooter
(Photo: Audi)

Carve up the asphalt

Thorsten Schrader, project manager for micro-mobility at Audi says although the scooter can move forward in a straight line, “the feeling of flow only comes when you start carving on asphalt”. And the movable axles with four wheels enables riders to up the excitement level by maneuvering through tight curves.

Since a second is freed up, Audi suggests riders use it to look around and give traffic hand signals. More likely, they will probably carry packages back from the store.

With a range of 12.5 miles, the e-tron Scooter pales in comparison to other scooters that offer a pretty standard top range of 25-30 miles. Set to come to market in 2020, the e-tron scooter will be available for sale at around $2,200.

Audi thinks its new sidewalk-carving machine could be a good application for use in fleets in specific user groups. It’s also considering offering the e-scooter as an add-on option for the Audi e-tron vehicles, where it can charge up in the car trunk with a dedicated socket.


Audi is flexing its creative muscles by coming up with an alternative for the traditional electric scooter. Although it’s definitely a niche product, the e-tron Scooter will certainly find an audience. It differentiates from the pack by offering a more exciting and different type of riding experience that has the Audi brand’s touch.

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