Bentley Invests In Sustainable Energy With Solar Panel Installation

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Bentley has been making some of the world’s most luxurious vehicles since their inception in 1919. They’ve built their reputation on large, fast sedans with big engines which love to guzzle premium gas. However, just because their cars aren’t exactly green doesn’t mean the factory building them doesn’t have industry leading green-energy technology.

Bentley recently reinforced its commitment to sustainable energy with the installation of the UK’s largest solar carport at its factory headquarters in Crewe, England. This means all electricity used to manufacture every Bentley is solar or certified green. All of this has been accomplished by the company’s centenary year.

The array of 10,000 solar panels, which has a capacity of 2.7 milliwatts, covers over a thousand parking spaces, which is enough to cover two soccer fields.

Commenting on Bentley’s investment, Peter Bosch, Bentley’s Member of the Board for Manufacturing said “It’s important to look ahead and prepare the business for the next 100 years by investing significantly in our products, our people and our site infrastructure. This includes new initiatives that reinforce our commitment to the environment. Whether this is introducing alternative powertrain technologies in future models, or our award-winning work to reduce the environmental impact of our factory, these sustainable measures strengthen our desire to lead the way in sustainable luxury mobility.”

The solar “carport” takes Bentley’s total on-site solar panel energy capacity to 7.7MW, enough to cover over 1,500 homes. This includes the 2013 rooftop installation of 20,815 panels with the total number of individual solar panels on site in Crewe now 30,815.

This adoption of green industrial energy solutions shows Bentley’s commitment to sticking around for the next 100 years and care about the future environment of our planet.

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