Bird Introduces Monthly Personal Rideshare Rentals

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We know carpooling, electric cars, public transportation, walking, biking and taking a scooter are better options than jumping in our cars to get to work. The problem is convenience and practicality. If the alternative is too expensive, complicated or time consuming, most of us choose the path of least resistance.

  • Bird has introduced a monthly e-scooter subscription model

  • Participants get a personal scooter, charger and lock, delivered to their door

  • Currently, only in San Francisco for $24.95 per month, but expanding soon

Bird just came up with a way to help us ditch the car by making riding a scooter easier and more affordable. Certainly, the Bird app allows you to find a scooter when you want a ride, but what if it’s not nearby when you need it? Also, using a scooter as a daily driver, as it were, can rack up the fees. That’s because financial models are figured based on one-off rides.

(Photo courtesy of Bird)

To encourage people to consistently jump on a Bird to get to work, the company made it a more attractive option. It will soon be offering personal rentals for a flat fee over a specific duration of time. This way you’ll get a scooter at your beck and call for unlimited rides at a much better rate. A monthly rental is $24.99 in San Francisco, less than $1 per day.

And Bird makes it super easy to get set up with your personal rental. Place your order on the app and the company provides white-glove service, delivering to an address of your choice. The scooter comes with a charger and lock. When your rental period ends, Bird picks up the scooter.

Bird will roll out the program first in San Francisco and Barcelona. The intention is to target low-income people and provide a reliable, price friendly and sustainable mode of transportation. Bird cites studies that indicate the average low-income Bay Area household spends as much as 24% of income on transportation. By opting for a personal scooter rental, people can reduce costs, get where they need to go—and feel good about it. That’s a win-win for both Bird and scooter riders.

Bird will be bringing the model to other cities throughout the country. Visit to sign up and get on the waitlist.

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