BMW Offers The Ultimate e-Scooter Machine, In Europe

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When you think E-Scooters, your first thought probably isn’t BMW. After all, Bird and Lime have been dominating the E-Scooter rideshare service for a long time. While BMW isn’t offering a scooter share service, they are starting to make electric scooters with Micro, a German scooter manufacturer.

  • BMW is getting into the e-scooter business by installing a roundel on a Micro scooter.
  • The Ultimate Scooting Machine has a range of 7.5-miles and a top speed of 12-mph.
  • Base price has been announced at $895 but if the German manufacturer holds to tradition, heavily discounted lease deals are right around the corner.
  • Expect the possibility of a Gran Coupe, Gran Tourismo, M Sport and full M version within the next few months.

The E-Scooter is powered by a 150-watt battery which sits under the footboard. While you can’t rip a 0-60 in under 4 seconds with your new BMW wheels, you can fit it into your 3-Series trunk. It’s perfect for around town cruising with 7.5 miles of range and a top speed of 12-mph. When you run out of range, BMW says it takes just two hours to fully charge.

Living in San Francisco myself, I’ve used these electric scooters on many occasions, as they are incredibly convenient. However, it can be annoying if you pick up a Bird or Lime scooter that’s not working properly. Having your own scooter will definitely solve this problem, plus you won’t need to fuss around with an app and credit card. However, having to carry it around does take away some of the convenience. After all, it will weigh around twenty pounds.

If you decide you want to purchase one of these two-wheeled BMWs, you’ll first need to be in Europe, as they are only being sold out of European BMW dealerships at this point. If that’s not an issue, get ready to write a check for $895, a price-point which puts this E-Scooter at the top of the segment price range. But hey, at least you can say you own a BMW.

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