Boosted Launches New Electric Scooter

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Rideshares like Lime and Bird offer a great way to locate and ride a scooter for a particular errand, event or purpose. But, if you’re a regular rider, such as using one for a daily commute, the share model doesn’t quite fit the bill. Not only does it get expensive, but it can be a hassle finding one exactly when you need one.

  • Boosted Rev electric scooter is from company behind Boosted electric skateboards

  • The Rev leverages the same tech behind the Boosted Board

  • The market for owning electric scooters could surpass the ride-share model

Bird saw the market opportunity and launched its own direct-to-consumers sale, which we talk about here. Now Boosted, the company behind the popular electric skateboard, is  getting in on the action. Named the Boosted Rev, this electric scooter uses the same power system and tech found in the Boosted Board.

With a max speed of 24 mph and speed limits at 12 and 18, the Rev features dual-wheel drive and won’t poop out before 22 miles. According to Boosted, the dual-motor drive will get you up a 25% grade hill without a hitch. Ergonomic handlebars and beefy, custom-designed tires provide safety and comfort. When you’re finished with your ride, fold it up for easy transport and storage.

For slowing down or bringing the scooter to a halt, you can brake three different ways: via traditional fender or disk break and also via the throttle wheel, which enables one-handed acceleration and braking.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Boosted’s CEO Jeff Russakow said he doesn’t see the shared electric scooter market as competition. In fact, he believes it’s an even bigger one.

The Boosted Rev, which comes at a price of $1,599 and ships this summer. The company will provide monthly financing at time of full payment, if needed. A $100 deposit submitted on the Boosted website reserves yours.

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