Canada Calls for Submissions to Reduce Emissions

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Have a great idea for reducing emissions but need funding? Ask Canada! The Minister of Transport launched a second call for proposals under the Clean Transportation System – Research and Development program. $1.5 million is up for grabs, to be dispersed over the next three years.

Canada is really kicking butt on setting ambitious goals for innovation in clean technology and implementing solutions. Not only does investment in the environment benefit Mother Nature and our very survival on this planet, it also has the advantage of growing Canada’s economy by building out new jobs to replace those becoming obsolete. It’s a win-win.

For this call to action, Honorable Marc Garneau, the Minister of Transport, said this program will specifically focus on the marine, rail and aviation sectors. To get you thinking in the right direction, areas that need to be addressed include retrofitting ship propellers to increase efficiency, reducing train idling by increasing rail connections and energizing planes with biofuels so they don’t blow all that dirty smoke. In addition, with the innovative technology developed in this program, the government foresees the application of the knowledge and practices applied to other modes of transport.

“Through smart investments in clean transportation solutions, we are building a sustainable transport infrastructure that benefits all Canadians”, Garneau said. “The Clean Transportation System – Research and Development program advances new technologies to reduce carbon pollution, and protect the environment and well-being of our communities.”

You have until May 8, 2019 to submit your application. For more details, contact the transportation department directly: for background on the department visit the Transport Canada

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