Carnostic: A Diagnostic Car App for the Layperson

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Automotive diagnostic technology has advanced to the point where cars can tell us their state of the union in real time. Various warnings flash, light up and sound off when an issue arises that needs to be addressed.

While informative, these signals can be bewildering and stress-inducing, especially if you aren’t a mechanic, well-versed in the car’s symbolic and technical language. And, most of us fall into that category. Carnostic wants to fill the gap, allowing you to take care of your car while putting your mind at ease.

Carnostic developed a cloud-based algorithm software designed to make the relationship with your car more copacetic and with less misunderstandings. Called On-Board Carnostic, it translates and delivers messages from your car through its smartphone app. The app not only alerts you when your car needs maintenance, it allows you to book an appointment.

In addition, it relays OEM recommendations for service and recall information. Since oftentimes recommended repairs aren’t always necessary, the app promises an honest appraisal from unbiased mechanics of what needs to be fixed and the costs involved.

Carnostic also has a very cool feature called Black Box Mode. Here you can find your car’s performance specs, including how fast you were driving at a particular time. This can provide very valuable information to determine what caused an accident or to fight a speeding ticket in court. With Black Box Mode, you can link to more than one vehicle to keep stats all in one convenient place.

Since Gen Z and Millenials can’t or won’t splurge for new cars, they are purchasing older ones. Staying on top of maintenance issues could be more critical. Carnostic has created a way for young folks to establish and build a safe relationship with their cars. Most significantly they’ve done it through the trusted and always available smartphone, which makes the task of maintenance easy, friendly, and, dare I say, fun.

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