Ford Lincoln Owners Rejoice: Amazon Key Delivers To Your Car

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We live in a get it fast, get it now economy, in part fueled by Amazon’s speedy two-day Prime Delivery. And, it’s clear people want that speedy service.

According to the Harvard Business Review, the on-demand economy is attracting more than 22.4 million consumers annually who spend 57.6 billion dollars. That’s just the tip of the iceberg in a growing segment.

How Does Amazon Key Work

Key by Amazon In-Car Delivery Service

If you can have stuff delivered to your house, then why not your car? You can if you’re a Lincoln or Ford owner. Ford has partnered with Amazon for Amazon Key In-Car Delivery. And, it’s wonderfully simple and convenient through the magic of technology.

Just link your Amazon Prime accounts with the FordPass or Lincoln Way apps and you’re set up. This service has been available for 2015 and newer GM and Volvo owners with connected car functionality, since last year.

Delivery drivers will be able to have your car unlocked remotely and deliver your packages. Much more secure than leaving them on the porch. Once the order’s complete, you get a notification on your smartphone. And, there’s an added level of convenience that is just icing on the cake: if you change your mind the day of the delivery, no problem. Go into the app to reschedule or have the package dropped off at your home instead. For added security, you can also  block access to your car through the app.

To tap into the financial potential of the on-demand economy, companies are figuring out ever more ways to quench our desire for immediacy and convenience. But, we also have to take into consideration the environment. Amazon Key In-Car Delivery still relies upon delivery trucks racing all over town.

Soon, drones will be able to take over at least some of the deliveries and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We discuss how that works here. Amazon promised drone delivery by last year, but hasn’t been able to get FAA approval yet. Find out whatever happened to Amazon’s drones here. Don’t count drones out yet though. Google just got its drone delivery company approved by the FAA, beating Amazon to the punch.

While we’re waiting for companies to get their drone service in order, we can rely upon Amazon Key In-Car Delivery to fill the gap. If you have a Ford or Lincoln. However, I’m sure other automakers will soon strike up a deal with Amazon. Hopefully in time for drones to drop packages into your car’s remotely opened sunroof.

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