Millennials Rejoice: Lexus Now Offers UX Subscription Service

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Millennials are typified by a love of convenience. They’re the driving force behind some very popular new services, like ready to cook meals delivered to your doorstep and grooming services which send you a replacement razor or toothbrush every month. These types of subscriptions are popping up everywhere and it’s not limited to just razors and food.

What Does The Lexus Complete Lease Include

  • All scheduled maintenance (5k, 10k, 15k and 20k mile)
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) waiver
  • Two years of connected vehicle services, SiriusXM and Lexus Enform Remote Destination Assist, which is similar to GM’s OnStar
  • Tire and wheel protection
  • $1,000 excess wear and use allowance

Lexus is jumping on board the latest fad in subscription services, vehicles. Their new full-service lease program dubbed “Lexus Complete Lease.” includes a 20,000-mile, two-year term, which combines the cost of the lease with maintenance, insurance and additional services like satellite radio in one monthly payment. The Lexus Complete Lease is currently available on any Lexus UX build and, in seven states: California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

“This type of alternative leasing program aligns with the heart of Lexus, providing an amazing guest experience in every way,” said Lisa Materazzo, vice president, Lexus marketing. “By appealing to those looking to simplify their monthly commitment, the Lexus Complete Lease program makes the process more streamlined for our guests.”

This type of program is aimed right at millennials, many of whom might appreciate the convenience of walking into a dealership and driving away without needing to call their insurance provider or worry about future maintenance costs. If this pilot works well for Lexus, we could see them add additional vehicles to the program. While no pricing information is available yet, we expect it to start around $700 per month, which would be on par with the Volvo program.

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