No Waves – No Worries, With Awake’s New Electric Surfboard

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We’ve got electric cars, boats, trains, scooters and roller skates. And now we’ve got the first-ever electric surfboard.

The RÄVIK electric surfboard invites anyone to jump on and carve up the ocean. With four different power settings: Kids, Eco, Sport and Extreme,it will delight the novice as well as thrill racers and adventure seekers. Accelerating to 31 mph in a mere four seconds, the RÄVIK reaches a top speed of almost 35mph.

Whether you’re riding on your stomach, knees or standing up, the hydrodynamic properties of the hull will keep you in full control. Multiple safety sensors monitor features such as the temperature of the motor and the orientation of the board. If the board flips over, a magnetically-triggered power key, also known as a dead man’s grip, shuts down the system to ensure no runaway boards.

The RÄVIK designers set out to create an electric surfboard that focused on power, quality and performance without sacrificing aesthetics. Proving it’s a beauty as well as a beast, the RÄVIK won this year’s prestigious iF Design Award.

You might expect the birth of the electric surfboard on the beaches in California or Hawaii. In fact, the RÄVIK was created by Swedish startup Awake. Though surfers are a rare breed in Sweden, they do exist. However, Philip Werner, the company’s CEO, is considered by many to be one of the founders of the electric watercraft industry. He explains that Awake was established to add some ingenuity and excitement to the industry.

From ages 7 to 70+, the RÄVIK provides an experience suited to all levels. To hook up your ride, just sync it to the app and pick your speed. The RÄVIK retails for a little over $21,000 and you can order one on their website.

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