OjO Electric Launches Sit-down Electric Scooter Rideshare Program

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Poor New Jersey. Often, referred to as the armpit of America, its residents take offense to that. Who wouldn’t? The name originated from the offensive odors emanating from the oil refineries located in the state. Could e-scooters help?

  • With a longer range than standups, the OjO electric scooter is designed to take the place of cars for trips under 25 miles.

  • OjO contracted with already established JerseyBike to provide 24/7 customer service for riders.

  • Built-in telemetry system allows live-feed data transmission to continually improve rider experience.

New Jersey’s air is about to get a bit sweeter smelling with the launch of Hoboken’s six-month long electric sharing pilot program. OjO, a Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) mobility solutions company, along with Lime, were the only scooter companies chosen to take part.

Hoboken city streets are already bicycle friendly, which helps with the adoption of e-scooter programs.

Two characteristics differentiate OjO scooters from its competitors: usage and range. While all other scooters require you to stand while you ride, OjO provides a seat to make longer trips more comfortable. With its swappable battery, OjO is designed to go 25 miles and (hopefully) offer an attractive alternative to cars. Bird can only be relied upon for 15 miles on a single charge, while Lime can be counted on for about 20 miles.

In partnership with P3GM, a global smart city development company, OjO will put 50 scooters on the streets. Convenience is key, especially when implementing a new option in the crowded e-scooter space. Perhaps one of the most important and overlooked conveniences is customer service once the product hits the streets. If there are problems in the field, people can quickly turn against it.

P3GM has contracted JerseyBike for operational support on the ground to deploy the OjO scooters and make sure they’re running tip-top. Staff will provide service, repair, and get this, a 24/7 customer service telephone line. In addition, OjO scooters will use already established JerseyBike stations to park.

The OjO scooter gathers information from an on-board telemetry system with a live-feed data transmission. To maximize user experience for performance and safety, OjO and P3GM will share the data on usage and ride trends.

If all goes well, New Jersey with the help of OjO will get a step closer to shedding that dreaded nickname. Maybe.

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