Pininfarina Shows Next Generation Mobility Space

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Pininfarina is the go-to design house for upping the style and luxury in everything from cars and yachts to residential architecture. Thanks to AMAC Aerospace, the legendary designers have created a concept for the interior of an Airbus A350 jetliner. But really, anything that works in a plane could be scaled for trains, buses or even autonomous pods.

  • AMAC Aerospace brings the Italian flair of Pininfarina to its Airbus A350-900 Interior Concept.

  • Open floor plan divides into different, cocoon-like environments

  • Taking a cue from the aviation industry, public transport could become a more attractive option for travelers

See how EV maker Karma enlisted the renowned designers to inject pizzazz into its big reveal of three new cars this year.

With the goal of creating a more appealing cabin space, AMAC Aerospace enlisted the Italian design firm to inject some inspiration for flyers to come aboard. At EBACE (European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition) in Italy, the two companies presented a cabin concept for the Airbus Jetliner.

The interior of the Airbus A350-900 comes to life through an open floor plan divided into different environments. These environments follow the flow of what is referred to as a sculptured band. Upon entering the cabin, the welcome area treats guests to a wet bar to kick off the experience. Move along the band to a  “relaxing area” with luxe sofas facing a giant transparent screen. Kick back and enjoy the view outside or watch a movie.

The aircraft cabin of the future according to Pininfarina

Instead of eating a foil-covered hot “meal” or stale sandwich, dine in a lounge, presumably with delicious eats. In addition, the lounge provides a space to hold meetings. It even includes a chaise-long green space “dedicated to personal relaxing moments.” I guess you might need to decompress after that big meal or meeting.

Of course, the interior will be outfitted with the latest in technology and exotic materials. Sounds much nicer and more comfortable than my office.

With this fresh design concept, Pininfarina and AMAC Aerospace have demonstrated how a utilitarian space can be transformed into an attractive haven. Here’s hoping city transport such as buses, subway and metro will take a page from the aviation playbook. I could be lured into choosing public transpo over my car if I had a comfy couch and lounge area wired up and waiting for me. Though I’d appreciate a wet bar, I won’t make it a requirement.

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