Polestar Presents “Into the Light” Installations at Milan Design Week

can be reached at meehna@gmail.com
can be reached at meehna@gmail.com
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Milan Design Week is considered the most important event in the design world. Here, designers and companies put their most spectacular ideas and creations on display. As part of this extravaganza, Volvo’s electric performance car brand Polestar is putting up two installations collectively called “Into the Light”.

The Fuel Station

The Fuel Station represents the place where most of us currently go to energize our cars. But, it’s intended to be much more than that. The structure stands as a cultural and architectural  landmark honoring our achievements in mobility, while also reminding of our reliance on fossil fuels. Fuel stations in their current incarnation are places of crowded isolation. People pass through without any meaningful engagement.  Polestar wants us to envision the future of fueling stations as a social nexus instead. In the dawning era of electric mobility, fueling stations will become a place to recharge yourself and your vehicle.

The fueling station envisioned as a social gathering place.

The Slot Car Track

If you’re worried electrified vehicles won’t be as fun as their petrol counterparts, The Slot Car Track wants to convince you that isn’t the case. Remember the joy of racing slot cars when you were a kid? The Slot Car is an adult version of that game. But, this time, you don’t have to wait for your turn to play. Designed as an interactive experience, it responds to movement, light and sound. The more people who join in, the greater the sensory experience.

The Slot Car Track not only reminds us of our childhood, but also that electric mobility can be fun.

Polestar has made a really smart move by presenting the “Into the Light” installations during Milan Design Week. It aligns electrified mobility with cutting-edge and beautiful design. As Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar’s Chief Executive Officer, says, “The Polestar design installations will be thought-provoking and encourage visitors to engage in conversations around the paradigm shift from fossil fuels to electric mobility.”

The installations can be viewed between 10:00am and 9:00pm from April 9-14, 2019, with a special evening event and late closing on Wednesday 10 April.

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can be reached at meehna@gmail.com
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