Porsche Goes Carbon-Neutral with new CO2 Offset Program

can be reached at meehna@gmail.com
can be reached at meehna@gmail.com
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In a well-played move just in time for Earth Day, Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA) has enrolled all its cars at its two Experience Centers, along with its corporate fleet in the monthly subscription pilot, Porsche Passport – in Porsche Impact.

A new program from Porsche Digital, Impact enables owners to go carbon neutral while experiencing the joy of driving a Porsche. Through the app, owners can figure out the amount of emissions they’re putting into the air and offset it by contributing to environmentally friendly projects both in the U.S. and worldwide. There are four internationally certified projects to choose from, focused on forest protection in the U.S., hydropower in Vietnam, solar energy in Mexico, and species diversity in Zimbabwe.

The positive impact looks to be pretty impressive. PCNA estimates that the vehicles currently in the program will offset more than 3.5 million miles of driving. That’s figuring the numbers from 425 vehicles in its fleets at the Porsche Experience Centers in Atlanta and Los Angeles, as well as cars in the Porsche Passport subscription service and Porsche Drive short-term rental programs. Even better news, PCNA plans to offer the Impact program to U.S. customers who want to tread more lightly with their CO2 footprint in their own personal internal-combustion Porsche cars. Look for that to be implemented later this year.

While carbon offsetting offers a stop-gap solution to the vehicle emissions problem, it doesn’t truly get to the cause. What we need are electric vehicles that are kind to the environment and still offer thrilling performance for the driver. And, lucky for us, Porsche is driving down that road. See what they have planned here.

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can be reached at meehna@gmail.com
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