Ride News Now: June 4, 2019

can be reached at michaelsfebbo@gmail.com
can be reached at michaelsfebbo@gmail.com
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In this episode of Ride News Now with Alison Haislip, British crooks kill an entire car share fleet, we wonder if Apple should purchase Tesla, and a company is cooking up a real-life Robocop… sort of.

  • First up, an electric car-sharing fleet in the UK had to end its run after just a few months of service. Vandals were targeting the cars. According to reports, these Brit baddies caused “exceptional levels of damage” to the cars in the fleet. E-Car Club, which placed 18 electric Renault Zoes into a fleet in Solihull, had to shut down operations in this part of England.
  • Next, we finally have a little meat to pair with the rumors regarding Apple and Tesla teaming up. Back in 2013, the two companies came together to examine a potential partnership. It didn’t shake out, but it definitely makes you wonder what might have been.
  • Finally, a company is looking to make traffic stops safer. A robotic mechanism extends from the front of a patrol vehicle, which can then interact with the driver of the stopped vehicle. The officer can then communicate via the robotic extension. It’s not quite Robocop, but we’re getting closer.

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can be reached at michaelsfebbo@gmail.com
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