Ride News Now: June 10, 2019

can be reached at michaelsfebbo@gmail.com
can be reached at michaelsfebbo@gmail.com
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In this episode of Ride News Now with Alison Haislip, your rideshare car probably hasn’t had its recalls addressed, Loomis looks to electrify some of its armored trucks, and BMW has built an electric scooter.

  • First, you’re right to wonder if that car your Uber or Lyft driver is operating is a safe one. A new study finds that one in six rideshare cars are driving around with open recalls. A portion of those include Do Not Drive-level recalls. To be fair, the one-in-six figure is the same as you’d find in non-rideshare vehicles. That means we all know someone with a vehicle that needs to head into the dealership for some service work.
  • Next, the armored cash-carrier Loomis is eager to clean up its fleet. These armored vehicles spend a fair bit of time idling outside of banks and businesses. So Loomis is going to test a new electric truck from a company called Xos.
  • Finally, BMW has an e-mobility option for the badge-obsessed set. For $900, you can buy an electric scooter from the German automaker. It tops out at 12 miles per hour and has a range of seven miles. There’s a much less expensive non-electric version for sale as well. And there’s even an option for children.

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can be reached at michaelsfebbo@gmail.com
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