Ride News Now: May 17, 2019

can be reached at michaelsfebbo@gmail.com
can be reached at michaelsfebbo@gmail.com
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In this episode of Ride News Now with Alison Haislip, soon you’ll be able to drive a full-size truck minus full-size fuel bills, an electric bike delivers electric car range, and a study finds car ownership could be so last century.

  • Let’s start with Rivian, a Michigan-based company combining America’s love of trucks with zero-emission electric driving. The R1S and R1T will have up to 400 miles of range, standard all-wheel drive, and some serious speed when they go on sale next year.
  • Second is the GoCycle GX, an electric bike with a whopping 40 miles of range. That’s more than what you get in many plug-in hybrid cars. Oh yes, and it can also be folded in mere seconds.
  • And last, the future isn’t looking bright for car lovers. A recent study found roughly half of those surveyed think owning a car is way too expensive. Worse still, enthusiasm for driving itself is fading fast too.  



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can be reached at michaelsfebbo@gmail.com
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