Ride News Now: May 21, 2019

can be reached at michaelsfebbo@gmail.com
can be reached at michaelsfebbo@gmail.com
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In Episode 5 of Ride News Now with Alison Haislip, a self-driving car proves humans are meaner, e-scooter injuries are all the rage in Austin, and Bentley takes a baby-step towards going green.

  • What would you do if a group of cyclists suddenly cut you off? If you’re a self-driving Waymo car, you politely slow down and allow them to pedal away. No one was hurt and no horns were honked in this video of robotic-car good manners in action.  
  • Austin prides itself on being weird, but a study by the CDC found it also has a nasty habit for e-scooter injuries. Injuries weren’t limited to those riding on the scooters, either. So, pack your hippest hipster clothes and some Nerf padding when visiting Texas’ capital city.
  • Last but not least, Bentley is going green. The British company is known for building hugely luxurious cars with massive appetites for fuel. Well, that’s still true! But now, the people building Bentley cars will park beneath England’s largest solar carport. But wait, doesn’t it rain a lot in England, too? 

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can be reached at michaelsfebbo@gmail.com
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