Ride News Now: May 24, 2019

can be reached at michaelsfebbo@gmail.com
can be reached at michaelsfebbo@gmail.com
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In this episode of Ride News Now with Alison Haislip, a garbage truck manages to be “cute and sexy”, Germany tests out an emissions-free highway, and an electric car contender arrives from a company that sucks.

  • Let’s start with Mack Trucks. The company known for it semi-trucks is prepping an all-electric garbage truck for waste retrieval. It’s called the Mack LR BEV and it’s one powerful yet silent brute. A pair of 130-kW motors combine for 496 horsepower and an earth-moving 4,051 pound-feet of torque. Residents of NYC will catch this quiet hulk when it’s put to the test sometime next year.
  • Speaking of large trucks, Germany is undergoing testing of a special emissions-free stretch of highway. It’s specifically for big rigs, which have been outfitted to receive electricity from overhead power lines. Right now, the zone is just six miles long but it’s probably a wonderfully clean six miles.
  • Finally, Dyson is looking to get in on the electric vehicle game. Yes, that Dyson, the one you know from expensive vacuum cleaners and turbojet hand dryers. It will likely arrive shaped like a funky minivan, and we don’t think Tesla’s Elon Musk is losing sleep over it just yet.

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can be reached at michaelsfebbo@gmail.com
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