Volvo Launches Post-Accident Guidance Service

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If you have been a driver for any length of time, you’ve probably experienced an unfortunate fender bender or two – they happen to the best of us.  Often, the stress after the initial experience is worse than the accident itself, but Volvo aims to help ease that stress with their new post-accident guidance service.

  • Volvo has launched an app to assist drivers in the moments following a car accident.
  • After assuring you are uninjured, the app guides you through the process of documenting what happened and can even guide you through getting the car to the proper repair shop.
  • The app is available to Volvo owners, but isn’t restricted to just late models. Any Volvo owner can use it, it just won’t integrate with the vehicle.
  • Volvos are legendary for their safety, this is a good next step to help owners after the accident.

Volvo’s Car Accident Advisor, linked through your smartphone, will provide emergency help in the minutes following an accident.  It is the first mobile, post-accident experience which provides emergency services and checklists, guided accident documentation, digital insurance claims, and repair services recommendations to keep you safe, informed and in control after a collision.

Accident Advisor App


Volvo worked with CCC Information Services to develop this software. CIS is a leading software provider to the automotive, insurance and collision-repair industries.

One very nice feature is that this system will also work with older Volvo models. It will be available automatically for model years 2015 and newer Volvo vehicles via the in-car SOS communications system. Additionally, drivers of Volvos produced earlier than 2015 can still use the mobile service by calling Volvo Car Customer Care in the event of a non-injury producing accident.

What’s even better is there is no installation cost or subscription fee for the Volvo Car Accident Advisor service.  Similar offerings, like GM’s OnStar, costs around $35 per month. It’s definitely nice to see Volvo offer this feature free of charge to their client base.

“For years, Volvo Cars has been immediately communicating with drivers and passengers as soon as a crash sensor is activated in the car to accelerate the emergency response process,” said Scott Doering, vice president of Customer Care, Volvo Car USA. “Now with Volvo Car Accident Advisor, the application can guide drivers on what to do next after the driver has confirmed to Volvo Customer Care that they are safe and without injury.”

After connecting with Volvo Customer Care and confirming that you are uninjured, a link is immediately texted to your smartphone, which opens a web-based application that walks you through important steps following the accident.  The checklist will remind you to capture facts and photos of the accident scene and even offer you the option to digitally notify your auto insurance company.

You’ll also be able to search for collision repair shops in the area, which will help speed claims handling, reduce repair-cycle time, and better manage the overall post-collision process.  

“We work hard with in-vehicle technology to eliminate or reduce the impact of crashes as much as possible,” said Doering. “In the event that an accident happens, we now have Volvo Car Accident Advisor that can walk Volvo Car owners through the entire process, from data gathering and insurance claim management all the way through collision repair. This program not only provides tremendous convenience but will also help to ensure the car is repaired to Volvo Car’s stringent safety standards.”

I think this service is a really great idea and I’m surprised more manufacturers don’t offer free post-accident aids similar to this one. A crash is the most stressful event that can happen during the car ownership experience, and with around 6 million car accidents reported annually in the United States, they are an unfortunately common occurrence.

It is no surprise that Volvo is the first manufacturer to rollout this service, as they have garnered a reputation for pioneering and perfecting safety innovations. Volvo’s Car Accident Advisor will empower drivers to be more aware of the post-accident process, and ease some of the stress as they try to get back on the road.

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