Walmart Stays Green Supporting Local Solar Gardens

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Walmart is coming out strong in implementing its green policies. The company recently announced an agreement with US Solar to support 36 of its community solar gardens in Minnesota. And, less than two weeks ago, it announced a partnership with Electrify America to put in EV charging stations at Walmart locations throughout the country.

  • Further demonstrating its commitment to green policies, Walmart partners with US Solar in creating community solar gardens.
  • Minnesota made a shrewd move in allowing companies and citizens to subscribe to gardens without having them on their property.
  • Walmart’s investment in renewables provides a good example to other companies and people to show that support is good for the environment as well as the bottom line.

“Solar is a vital component of Walmart’s expanding renewable energy portfolio,” said Mark Vanderhelm, Vice President of Energy for Walmart Inc. “Walmart plans to tirelessly pursue renewable energy projects that are right for our customers, our business and the environment. This community solar gardens initiative with US Solar is moving us in the right direction toward our renewable energy goals.”

Example of a community garden in Minnesota

In 13 separate counties, US Solar will put in 36, one-megawatt (MW) community solar gardens, generating clean, renewable energy and providing energy savings to Walmart. Some solar gardens have already been completed with the goal of the rest online the first half of 2020. With a focus on emerging markets and community solar programs, US Solar develops solar generation projects, including providing financing.

It’s interesting to note that community solar in Minnesota allows businesses, public entities, and residents to subscribe to an offsite solar garden without having to site solar directly on their property.

To make conversions to solar and renewable energy on personal and business property, can be expensive. With Minnesota’s policy, it enables subscribers to positively impact the environment in a small step that’s achievable without huge monetary outlay. In addition, subscribers reap the rewards of supporting the community gardens. From the amount of energy generated, subscribers get a credit on their electric bill.

In partnering with US Solar, Walmart is providing a good example to other business in demonstrating how implementing green initiatives can be good for the bottom line.

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