You Can Now Buy Your Very Own Bird E-scooter

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On the heels of announcing a monthly rental program,the electric scooter company Bird now offers possessive types an even better option: ownership.

  • E-scooter rideshare company Bird is rolling out a new scooter
  • Substantially more rugged than the Zero, the Bird One will last over a year in commercial use
  • Unlike previous Bird models, the Bird One will go on sale to consumers

If you ever wanted to have an electric scooter at your beck and call on a more permanent basis, then the Bird One is ready for service. Now available for pre-orders, it is the newest member of the Bird fleet and the first direct-purchase opportunity from the company.

The Bird One is built to withstand the most demanding of riders. When Bird launched its first scooter in 2017, that model had a shared riding lifespan of about three months. Launched in 2018, the Bird Zero was a much tougher customer, with an average 10 months in service before retirement. Bird One promises trusty duty for over a year.

Like the Bird Zero, the Bird One is a commercial grade vehicle. Bird is rotating out flimsier, consumer models from its fleet such as the Ninebot ES and keeping the M365 for monthly personal rentals. By converting to a commercial grade fleet, Bird can increase its bottom line while keeping customers happy. Higher durability scooters offer a better ROI for Bird in its shared-ride part of the business, while consumers receive greater value for an ownership play.

If you want to check out a Bird One before you commit your dollars, it goes into the shared fleet May 8th. It comes in three color options: Jet Black, Dove White, and Electric Rose.

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