New Study: Consumers More Open To Autonomous Cars

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The prospect of self-driving cars sounds super appealing. However, completely handing over decision making responsibilities to our cars strikes fear into most. For one, the idea is completely foreign and needs getting used to. Second, recent tests demonstrate that the technology isn’t ready, with some tragic accidents reported.

According to a survey by CarGurus, a global, online automotive marketplace, the fear factor is dissipating and people are warming to the idea of handing over driving responsibilities to their cars. The company drew the results by comparing the numbers from its inaugural CarGurus Self-Driving Car Sentiment Survey from last year with this year’s. The stats reflect the answers of 1,146 automobile owners.

Autonomous Excitement On The Rise

Car Gurus data on Autonomous Driving consumer confidenceThe number of respondents “excited” about autonomous vehicles went from 21% in 2018 to 32% this year, while those “concerned” about them dropped from 47% to 37%. And, here’s a number that will make automotive brands heavily investing in the tech delighted. The respondents who said they could see themselves owning a self-driver in 10 years more than doubled with 28% — up from 13%.

Tesla outpaced all other automakers instilling the most trust in its products with 29% of people putting their faith in this brand. That’s hugely significant when you look at the second and third companies in line: Toyota, with 9% and Waymo, owned by Google, with 7%.

Americans Versus Japanese Brands

When it comes to brand loyalty, over 50% of Honda and Toyota owners said they’d consider purchasing a self-driving car from the Japanese brands. The Americans didn’t fare as well, with Ford and Chevy owners in the low 40% range.

Of the people surveyed who use the ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft, 35% said they’d likely take a ride from them in an autonomous car.

The moral of the story is, at least according to this survey, people are turning from liking the concept of autonomous cars to trusting and believing in their safety.



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