Renault EZ-POD, the Autonomous and Experimental EV

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In the micro-mobility category, we’ve got e-bikes, e-scooters and e-skateboards. Why not an e-pod?

  • EZ-POD explores BEV for short commutes and delivery
  • Autonomous pod designed for application in high pedestrian areas
  • Experimental vehicle could help those with limited mobility live more independently

Renault recently dropped the EZ-POD, an exploratory electric and autonomous vehicle for on-demand travel over short distances. Designed without a cockpit and with a small footprint of 32 square feet, it’s meant to deliver goods and/or people to their desired destination.

The EZ-POD’s small size and agility make it an attractive transportation solution in environments where there are a lot of pedestrians, such as airports, malls and parking lots. Because it moves slowly, it’s thought that the EZ-POD won’t be as threatening or intrusive. Renault plans on testing the theory by running real world trials in designated areas.

In addition to driving on city streets, Renault envisions the EZ-POD being authorized to travel on pedestrian streets and even drop off at entrances to buildings or houses. That allowance could really help the elderly and those with disabilities become more mobile. Along those same lines, the EZ-POD could be used to follow you home when you need to transport big items or other people.

As Renault states in its press release, the EZ-POD is a functional demonstration device. It is a work in progress that will evolve as the company incorporates feedback from it pilot users? Do you have any ideas what you’d like to use it for? Let me know in the comments.

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