Volkswagen Introduces Its Own Pedestrian Monitoring System

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The thought of not seeing a pedestrian in the street before it’s too late strikes fear into almost every driver’s heart.

  • Part of its Front Assist System, Volkswagen developed Pedestrian Monitoring to help drivers see pedestrians in the road.
  • Through the use of radar, the car can identify a pedestrian and implement evasive measures. 
  • Able to function in both light and dark, Pedestrian Monitoring triggers at speeds below 40mph.

For the safety of both drivers and passengers, Volkswagen developed Pedestrian Monitoring as part of its Front Assist System. Through the use of small radar tucked behind the Volkswagen emblem on the front of the vehicle, it can detect the specific “signature” of a pedestrian located within about 35 degrees and up to about 400 feet in front of the vehicle.

If Pedestrian Monitoring detects pedestrian movement while the car is traveling between 4 and 18.6 mph, it will trigger automatic braking to slow or stop the car in order to avoid a collision. From speeds between 18.6 and 40 mph, the system sends audible and visual alerts to the driver. In the event the driver doesn’t respond, the car will apply automatic braking. Above speeds of 40 mph, the system doesn’t engage.

Pedestrian Monitoring functions in both light and darkness, as long as the radar sensor isn’t blocked by dirt or other obstructers like snow or salt.

Currently, Front Assist with Pedestrian Monitoring is available on all 2019 Volkswagen models except the Beetle, Jetta and Passat ; it’s standard on the Arteon, Atlas, Golf, Golf R and Golf Alltrack and included on all but the base trim levels of other models. By 2022, Front Assist and Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) are expected be standard on nearly all Volkswagen models.


Drivers can’t always see everything on the road in front of them, especially in conditions of fog or sun glare. The use of radar technology to help make pedestrians more visible creates safer roads for everyone.

Viziblezone tackles the problem from a different angle. Instead of waiting for a car to see them, people can use their cell phones to signal cars where they are.

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