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Ride delivers trustworthy news content about emerging automotive technologies. Here, you can watch video or read articles to stay up to date on electric cars, hybrid cars and self-driving cars.

Powered by Kelley Blue Book and Cox Automotive, Ride’s insightful articles and compelling video cover anything you need to know about transportation, technology and the trends of tomorrow.

We’re also a go-to source for those interested in the mobility lifestyle, including all manner of ride-hailing, ridesharing, electric scooters and other modes of public transit. Any way you get around in the world – you’ll find it on Ride. Socially and environmentally conscious people will find a home here – maybe even find a tribe here – with breaking news and a trusted take on the innovations and breakthroughs that are rewriting the rules.

Topics include:

Electric & Hybrid cars: Leading the way to a greener world, electric and hybrid cars have become cheaper to buy and more accessible to the masses.

Self-driving cars: The reality of self-driving cars gets closer and closer, with more features to help drivers stay alert and safe every day,

Mobility Lifestyle: By understanding your transportation options – and staying current on new ones – you can do your part to save money, save the planet or both!

With articles, videos and helpful tools, Ride does a lot more than help you get from A to B. We’re here to help you navigate the whole mobility world, from A (autonomous cars) to Z (ZipCar) and everything in between.

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